I actually call them “Miracle Strips” I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for over 10 years. Muscles and joints pain progressed over time to the point I could barely function. I had tears in my eyes with every step I took. I was down to working 4 days a week and in bed or couch for 3 days. I could not even been able to take care of my home. I wasn’t social anymore, not to mention the deep depression I was going through.

I know there are prescription medication for Fibromyalgia, however the side effects scary me. I have tried everything I could find to heal myself naturally and everything failed. I refused to take pills due to the fact that everything we swallow goes through the liver and kidneys. I rarely would take an Aleve when pain was unbearable.

Sleep was being affected. Every time I tried to turn I would wake up due to pain and not able to get comfortable for hours.

One day, on June 24 2014 I received the greatest blessing. My friend Carol came to my office and told me she has something that will help my Fibromyalgia…. A strip. Without hesitation I directed her to place it on my lower back, and then she told me more about it. I was praying that this will be my salvation. About an hour later I was driving to a political event and I noticed that I was receiving heat from the strip, felt good.  When I arrived to the event the parking lot was full and I was directed to park across the street on an uneven terrain.  The thought of walking this large field and crossing 4 lanes of high traffic was scary to me. I thought I should go home and avoid unnecessary additional pain. As I parked the car, I took an inventory of my body. I did not feel as much pain as an hour earlier, my back felt pretty well, no knee pain… WOW… I felt courageous enough to approach my obstacles. As I crossed the street I realized that I still have a long walk to the event. I did not mind it…it felt good to walk without much pain. I spent more than 1 hour on my feet at the event talking to everyone, then the walk back… once again… WOW… it felt good.

That night it was the first night I slept without waking up. It is amazing what a pain relief can do.

Now I am rested, ready to take on the world every day and even had the courage to start a new Business. I am an Independent Distributor for Power Strips. Please visit my website for more information.

Power Strips are all natural and homeopathic approach to pain relieving. And it works. Power Strips are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the U. S. FDA that can be used for temporary pain relief.

Last weekend (July 11, 2014)I spent in Delray Beach celebrating my Daughter’s Birthday. We walked a lot, danced, and had a fabulous time due to the gift I received from the Power Strips. Life is good again.

Give yourself or someone you know a gift. Visit Irena's Powerstrip Webpage or go to and try it.

If you live in Naples area I would be glad to meet with you and give you a sample. For more information write Irena Cooper at

Article Written by: Irena Cooper

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