Life is Not a Commodity…The Return of Whole!  - Essential Creative Intelligence

August 22, 2014

ALL Life (Matter) was designed and supported by a creative force of essential energy through action known as Natural Attractions. We were and still are part of this brilliant design. Initiated billions of years ago, this experience established life’s ability to live (survive) and evolve (thrive) in balanced, creative, respectful and supportive ways with all forms of consciousness.

Through our  evolutionary journey, we received the gift of " self determination."  Through millennia, we've had the opportunity to explore and discover the various blessings and consequences that come from "self determined (free will) " decisions.  While this unique opportunity opened new evolutionary possibilities, we chose to continue evolving with balance, never losing sight of our relationship with All. Recognizing and appreciating the beauty and benefits of living in this perpetual stream of Essential Creative Intelligence (E.C.I.), we were supported within the Whole... also known as the Unified Field or Essential Love!

For the last approximately 10,000 years, we began shifting our use of self determination, to work not with Nature/Our Nature but to control Nature/Our Nature.  Desiring the idea of a better life, we gently began the journey into the realm of power and control over.  In the excitement of these new possibilities,  we were unable to sense the dangers and consequences inherent when checks and balances are ignored, and so a snow ball effect began.  We lost our desire to remain true to our wholeness as part of this Essential Creative Intelligence!

Now we, the human species, are living as separate, better than, disconnected, fearful conquerers for what we've determined is our highest good.  We have become the Antithesis of Creation. Are we now the Destroyers of Life?  Extremely provocative, power and control acts as a diversionary stream of energy that sees Life as a commodity that must be controlled, and it’s value is in its selling price. If life is a commodity and we are part of life, then we must be controlled and bought or sold to the highest bidder.  Do you get my drift?  Do you recognize how this is happening?  We are not outside looking in, we are included, moving at quantum speed to yet an undetermined outcome.

Free will intact, human life continues, as a species, within this Unified Field.  However, this gift was meant to be used for the benefit of All.  How have you used your gift?  Who are you? What do you want?   What can you do?  If you’re silent, Why?

Consider this; Wholly+Holy=Whole.  This is not about a Father God or a Mother Earth, this is about finally recognizing that separation created by power and control is a Hole; a hole that we’ve fallen into because we've chosen to glorify parts instead of celebrating and living the original design, Whole!  This is about ending the idea that there is even such a concept as separation. Prior to our fall into the power and control hole, there were no labels and no divisions, only inclusion that supported Life. Whole, lives and thrives outside your thoughts, your boxes and your beliefs.  Separation is a story that is now coming to an end.

Creation happened as a natural attraction to exist and Life/Matter was birthed.  If Life matters, reconnect to this stream of Essential Creative Intelligence which is wholly inclusive and wake up, stand up and speak up!

Join me by opening your heart center, soften your gaze and enter the E.C.I stream!  I'll be there...                                      
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Author: Janet Weisberg LLC, B.S. Sociology, M.S Applied EcoPsychology, CT. Traumatologist,
CT. Peace Ambassador, Ph.D candidate

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