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Written By Ron Abboud one of the lead creatives at Vu Studios

The web has gone mobile. More users are accessing the web from more devices than ever before. What does this mean for web designers and site owners? It means that in every project a mobile strategy must be addressed. Your strategy will differ depending on the market you or your client is targeting. Make no mistake, you do need some kind of mobile strategy so the web site will function in the mobile realm. A site can be static (fixed no interactive or changing containers), centered around constantly evolving news content, interactive user forums or an incorporation of all web elements into one platform. 

These sites are known as a content distribution platforms because they take into consideration all the web interactive components and deliver them to a mobile browser. This is a well-rounded approach - one that takes a thoughtful look into the mobile user experience. I will address key elements that need serious consider at the outset of your mobile web project. These ideas touch on a strategic process of mobile web design to include design production, implementation and testing across a plethora of different mobile browsers.
1. First Define The Need for a Mobile Web Design
A mobile web design project arises due to one of the following circumstances: New web design in need of both a desktop and mobile strategy. Redesign of an existing website, which will include a new mobile site. An addition of a mobile site to an existing desktop site, which won't be changing...

2. The Business Objectives 
What are the business objectives as they relate to the website, specifically the mobile site? You'll need to prioritize these objectives, then communicate that structure into the web design. When translating your design to mobile, you'll need to take this a step further and focus on just a couple of top priority objectives for the business...

3. Study the Past Data Before Moving Forward 
In a redesign (and most web projects are), or an addition of a mobile site to an existing website, traffic metric data is very important and hopefully the site has been tracking this with Google Analytics (or another metrics tracking software). It shows great wisdom to study the data before jumping into content design and mobile web development. Identify the type of devices and browsers used to access the site. Be sure the site is built with device support in mind, you can target these browsers as high priorities when you go from design, through development, testing and launch.

These are just a few key points to consider, for a detail of the entire process please review the unabridged web design version at Vu Studios.

Ron Abboud one of the lead creatives and is employed at Vu Studios a premier content platform development company.
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