Space Station Smoke Incident - Crew Out Of Harms Way 

At around 2:40 p.m. EDT Tuesday, the International Space Station crew reported a small amount of smoke emanating from a vent in the Zvezda Service Module.


In line with standard protocol, flight controllers at mission control in Houston followed emergency procedures to isolate the Russian segment ventilation system.

Expedition 40 Commander Steve Swanson reported that the smoke quickly subsided and the crew was not in any danger.

Russian flight controllers working with the crew identified the most likely source to be a heater for the Russian segment’s water reclamation unit in Zvezda used for dining purposes.

The crew deactivated the device, set up a fan and a filter to clear the smoke and took atmospheric readings throughout the station to assess any impacts.

The Russian-made Zvezda service module is 43 feet long and 13½ feet in diameter. It is the site of living quarters and the galley, and the issue arose in a water reclamation unit.

The team in mission control is coordinating with their Russian counterparts for any follow up actions.

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Space Station Smoke Incident - Crew Out Of Harms Way
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